Abusing the msds-KeyCredentialLink Propertie in Active Directory - Understanding Shadow Credentials

Using Certipy To Exploit msds-KeyCredentialLink Remotley

What is a Shadow Credential Within Active Directory, both user and computer objects possess an attribute named msds-KeyCredentialLink, which serves as a storage location for raw public keys. These public keys can be used in Kerberos to obtain a Ticket Granting Ticket (TGT). Adding a credential/public key to this attribute... [Read More]
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Double Pivot Using Chisel

Using Chisel to pivot to internal networks

Double Pivot Using Chisel Chisel is a powerful tool that allows you to create tunnels and pivot to internal resources and other networks. Suppose you have successfully compromised an external-facing web server and want to access other machines connected to its internal network. In this situation, you can use Chisel... [Read More]
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